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Friday, July 27th 2012

8:03 PM

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Related article: Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 03:37:13 +0100 From: M D Subject: Everyone's A Little Bit CuriousThey say that no one is 100 percent straight, and I believe them. What I really want is a girlfriend and to settle and have some kids, but that doesn't stop me having some fun with lads along the way. There's nothing wrong with it underage lingerie pic and there's no need to label it, and despite what people say it can be for the pure fact of being horny. Uni is the place to experiment with most things, especially sexuality, and most people at underage naturist videos least try something with the same sex even if it's just a drunken kiss in a game. Where I am going underage acrobatic gallery with this... this is just one of those 'experimental' times I and another seemingly straight guy underage dark girls had at uni...I've been at uni for two years now, and the freedom being away from home has opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed myself plenty before bbs underage toplist I came to uni. I had a great group of mates we hung out, went to pubs, clubs, parties and had a laugh together. But uni let me start again with a whole new set of friends to make and a whole new set of adventures to have. I guess I've always got on with people pretty well so that helped me make friends quickly, and being so easy going has meant that if I'm thrown into a crowd (although I'm scared shitless) I manage to hold my own and get along with everyone like we've been friends for years. I made teen pussy underage friends with a few of the gay guys and girls around campus and soon found myself out clubbing getting drunk and being happy flirting back with guys. Not everyone understood, but I didn't see the harm in innocent (and not so innocent) flirting. My first proper gay experience was towards the end of my first year, underage japan when I ended up in a gay bar with a couple of gay mates and was left at the bar when they all disappeared off somewhere. I ended up chatting to a pretty drunk student who kept telling me how hot I was and that it was such a shame I was straight. I was pretty buzzed and feeling horny, so I decided it was time to flirt back. Telling him that it depended on how drunk he got me as to how straight I was, we (along with a group of my and his friends) ended up back at my place for more drinking. The walk back was made more interesting by playing hard to get, but that soon ended when we underage red heads ended up making out hard and hot in my kitchen while everyone else got as drunk as us in the other room. We didn't end up doing any more that getting hot and horny in my house that night, apart from peds underage porn sending a few pictures... just to keep the flirting up. Sobering up the next morning, I had the revelation not that I was suddenly gay and I would announce it to all my friends, but that I really didn't mind messing with a lad and if anything more were to happen I'd definitely enjoy it. Needless to say we kept in touch and a few weeks later after bumping into each other by chance in a club, we did end up going home together in just as messy a state as when we first met, to have sloppy drunk sex. I know it doesn't sound great, but as first times with another lad go, it was pretty awesome. peds underage porn Tentative at first, the horniness soon took over and we were naked and getting hot and heavy in his bed. Making out roughly as we stripped off each other's clothes, we were soon entangled rubbing our hard dicks against each other seeking that release. Feeling bold (or underage xxx pix should that be drunk) I attempted to do what I thought would make him feel good; after all I had the same equipment. His moans were testament to the fact that despite never having sucked off a guy before, I was apparently doing a good job. Taking turns, him expertly demonstrating and me clumsily copying, we worked each other up into a sweaty, horny frenzy. Both of us leaking copious real underage webcam amounts of precum, slipping over each other and we teased and played with each other, broken up by fast make out sessions. Roughly biting at each other's lips as we made out, moving to tweak hardcore underage photos and bite nipples, before kissing down to pay attention to the throbbing dicks that we both had. Aching to cum, we both shot our loads between each other... the first of several that night. Utterly exhausted and wasted, we fell asleep tangled together for an hour or so, before waking up to the stirring of our returning boners. This is how it continued, with sessions of intense drunken sex followed by brief naps until the early hours of the next morning. After this night of fun, I definitely had no problems with having fun with lads, and a few other encounters followed. underage drinking risks The story I wanted to tell you about is where I get to now. So here I am in my second year, having moved underage lols into a shared house off campus, housemates not knowing of my dabbling in the gay sex. Like I said at the beginning, no one is 100 percent straight, I certainly wasn't now, and as I was to find out neither was underage xxx pix the jock course mate that this story involves. Me and Ash didn't really hang around together in our first year. It wasn't that we didn't like each other; it was simply there were so many new people to meet that you couldn't possibly befriend everyone. But nevertheless, in our second year, by pure chance we started talking and hanging out. underage dark girls Slowly at first, only really chatting in lectures and merging our friendship groups and tossing around some banter between us as the bond grew stronger. But soon enough, we were hanging out outside of classes, going out to the bars and on nights out and chilling in the day at each other's places. Of course it was not just us doing all these things; we always had our friends around either at home when we were chilling out or on our nights out in town. But despite the group situations, Ash always seemed to want to have a closer connection with me, which I thought was sweet as he could have easily paid all his attention to our girl mates. After all he was a straight jock type guy, into his sport and with a cute girlfriend too. But underage lingerie pic when you got to know him, you realised that our friendships meant a lot to him and that he was actually the one grateful for our attention. I'm quite a soppy guy at heart, and think it's sweet when guys (especially the jock lads, who tend to be dicks a lot of the time) act like kids, you know all eager for your attention and affectionate. I say this as I started to notice these cute things about Ash as we became better mates. First it was that he would always come and want to squish up with me on the sofa when we were hanging out at our homes, even when there was plenty of space to sit elsewhere. He always made a joke of it saying that he only really came to see me and that I was his favourite. This continued with underage acrobatic gallery the banter, where whatever the topic we always ended up ganging up on the other person... cos of course I was his favourite, he liked me and wasn't gona tease me much. As time went on, and we became more comfortable around each other, the jokey banter even turned into the casual gay comments, like how he would tell my girl housemate that we were gona go fool around together (mainly to make her kind of 'jealous', cos he was flirting with me). I wasn't phased by any of this, and went along with it all, teaming up with him when it came to teasing our mates, agreeing that were we just off so he could snuggle up in bed with me, I thought it was all funny... even going as far as suggesting to my girl housemate, who I though kind of fancied him, that he was definitely gay for me! Which was laughable right, cos he was the straight guy with a girlfriend? But one day, a few months into our over affectionate friendship, I was about to be proved right.It happened that I was going to be one of the first people back after our break, and as Ash had stayed at uni for the break instead of going home for the couple of weeks, he was pretty excited to be getting his buddy back. Having text me to find out what my plan was for coming back, we arranged for him to come round when I had unpacked all my things and hang out for a bit and catch up. I thought it was pretty cool, that he was excited for my return, and it was strange that it was going to be the first time we were going to hang alone together. So the day arrived and I was dropped back at my house along with all my clothes and things to unpack around early morning. Eager to settle back in, I made quick work of unpacking and son was texting Ash to head over whenever he was ready. I didn't have to wait two minutes before I got a text back saying he would be over in a minute. Seeing underage naturist videos as he lived only round the corner it was only a couple of minutes before he was at the door. Beaming, and looking like an excited puppy, he grabbed me in a massive bear hug as I opened the door. I had always been quite touchy feely with everyone, and lately with him too, but this was a new level of closeness. It was nice though. Not letting me go, he waddled me backwards into the hall, before letting up so I could shut the door and we could go through to the living room. We hadn't really spoken much whilst I was at home, so we were well overdue a catch up of underage drinking risks how our lives were going, and how work had been. Sitting on one of the sofas with my feet up, he copied my position at the other end so our feet took up the middle seat. We talked for a while, with the music channel quietly playing in the background, until we had done the extensive 'How's you mate? What you been up to? Get much work done?' man conversation. During this time we had sprawled out so that our legs were casually touching and overlapping, he was absentmindedly rubbing his foot on my shin as we sat there chatting and throwing about the banter as we did. Eventually we'd had enough of the music channel and decided to put in a movie. As I had done some moving about, we decided to go and watch it in my room as I had put underage teen cum my big TV in there, and then we could just spread out on my bed and chill with a couple of beers as we watched whatever film we put on.He was perfectly comfortable in my house now, so I left him to pick a film and put it on as I went to find us some cold beers and some snacks. With our underage japan supplies in hand I wandered back to my room as I heard the film start. Always the trouble maker, he had spread out on my bed so that I wouldn't have much room to lie. Undeterred, I simply chose my spot and lay down on my front with my legs bent up behind me. He laughed, saying that I'd never keep my legs up in the air like that the whole time, so I just let the rest over his outstretched legs and we settled down to watch whatever crap he had chosen. We fidgeted as we sat there, but we were both comfortable enough to lay there with our legs like they were, mine draped over his getting a little more giggly as the beer set in. Being in the silly mood we were in, Ash began to tickle my feet, making me squirm but I refused to move my legs from his lap as punishment for taking up all the room. I told him I was comfy, and (as a joke) would only have to move if he started to get wandering hands or something. We laughed, and went back to watching our film. But a few minutes later, I heard a giggle and felt a hand tapping out the beat to the music in the film on my arse. I looked round with a questioning look on my face, and asked if he was quite happy there touching me up. He continued to giggle, both of us had drunk quite a bit, and said 'yep' before underage illegal forum sticking his tongue out in a cheeky way and resting his hands across my arse. I was happy, so turned back around and carried on trying to watch the movie, aware now of the weight of his arms casually draped over my arse. I shifted about a bit, but he managed to keep his hands on me, before I felt him moving slowly towards the top of my shorts. I didn't say anything but carried on pretending to watch the TV, seeing where this was going. His hand wet under the waistband and as I was wearing no boxers, his fingers started brushing over my bare ass.At this point I turned my head round to look at him and asked him what he was up to, after all he was the totally straight guy and I was the one who had done some guy on guy stuff. He gave a cheeky smile and told me that he wasn't up to anything, to which I replied that he was touching underage home movies me up. His grin widened as he moved his hands to pull down my shorts part way down my legs, as he said 'no, this would be touching you up' and he underage red heads proceeded to reach between my legs and fondle my balls and fairly soft dick. He was a strong lad, as underage drinking risks I was not really in a position underage home movies to move (not that I wanted to, mind) so I turned to look at him and told him he wasn't gay, so why was he playing with my balls and stiffening dick. He told me, yeah he wasn't gay and to just enjoy it. I wasn't going to say no, after all, he was getting me pretty horny, so I lay down again and let him keep playing with my balls and stroking my now hard dick. I felt him move and then he was lying on top of me pressing his firm boner, still inside his shorts, into me. 'This is making me damn horny. See?' he whispered in my ear as he placed a few gentle kissed on my neck. I let out a 'mmmmm' of agreement. He started thrusting his boner against me, telling me to turn over and enjoy it with him. I told him no, we weren't gay, why did he want to do it. He didn't reply he just kept on teasing me with his thrusts, strokes and kisses. Eventually I gave in and rolled over underneath him so that we were now face to face (and throbbing dick to dick). He immediately started to make out with me, which I didn't resist, and hungrily embraced. I worked his shorts down, so we were both naked from the waist down, and our dicks, slick with precum, rubbed against each other as he thrust gently back and forward on top of me. We broke contact briefly to remove our t-shirts, before he continued his kissing and thrusting and I moved my hand so that I was wanking him off with one hand and rubbing over his taut back and firm arse with the other. I no longer cared why this straight jock had decided to engage in this man on underage hentai kids man hot action with me, it felt too good. Both of us moaning in pleasure, the bed squeaking in time with his thrusts, Ash moved up my body so that he could rub my leaking cock over his arse crack, pausing at his hole as he did so. I looked into his eyes questioningly, and he nodded, letting out a sighed 'yeah' and he continued to tease his hole. I reached into my bedside draw, and took out some lube I kept there, applying a generous amount to his hole and my already slippery dick. I used my fingers to loosen up his eager arse ready for what he really wanted, before he took over again and guided my throbbing dick to his hole as he slid down my body. Together we took it slow, despite how eager he was to start fucking proper. Eventually, he adjusted to my invasion, and proceeded to ride my now engorged dick faster and harder as I furiously jacked his leaking dick. Our moans would definitely alert everyone nearby to what we were doing, but at that point neither of us could give a damn we were so horny, and eager to cum. He leant down to make out with me as he pounded his own arse with my iron hard dick, my hand blurring as I wank him off faster and faster as he became close to the edge. Suddenly I feel him tense and his arse clenches my dick inside him as he shoots his warm sticky load over my sweaty chest and face with a load grunt. I pull out of his tight hole as I feel my own orgasm coming and he reaches under him to wank out my load between us. I shoot a huge load over both his chest and face and mine, before he collapses on top of me, our sticky loads mixing between our naked sweaty bodies. We lay panting there, recovering from our hot, but unexpected turn of events. Just as we lay there entwined we hear a voice from the open doorway... 'What the fuck?!' It's my girl housemate. She's back early!
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Thursday, July 26th 2012

12:00 AM

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